Puppy House Training With Dog Litter Box Equals No More Bad Weather Walks

My Lhasa Apsos love going outdoors for play but only if the weather is nice. If there is bad weather like freezing snowstorms or heavy thundershowers, they don't want to go out at all and I don't blame them. The good thing is that unlike most other dogs that have to go out for elimination at least two to three times per day in all sorts of weather conditions, my dogs stay in if the weather is rotten out there. This is because both of my dogs went through puppy house training using a dog litter box.

Right from when I got them at ten weeks of age, they were both introduced to the dog litter box. This method of puppy house training has become more popular each year as pet stores are stocking specialized litter and pans made especially for dogs.

Up here in Canada, the winters can get really cold, windy, wet and just miserable. It's certainly not something to look forward to each morning if you have to get up and take the dog outside. It's no fun any other time of day either if the weather is not agreeable to either you or your dog.

My dogs do like to play in the snow but only when it's not too bitterly cold or windy and they don't stay out very long either. So they go out only when everyone (both the dogs and myself) feels like going out for fun. We don't have to go out in the winter if we don't want to.

This is the same thing with rain during the rest of the year. One of my dogs will stop at the doorway and not want to go out when there is rain falling. She just doesn't like to get wet. Her brother goes out for several seconds to see what's going on outside but once he realizes that he's getting wet, he runs right back inside the house. And of course, I don't like getting wet either. In fact, I would rather go out during a nice winter sunny day with snow than in the summer during rain.

Since both of my dogs stay inside during bad weather, they just simply utilize their puppy house training skills and go on their own to their designated dog litter box set up in their doggie room. It's basically their indoor dog toilet.
Then we sometimes watch the world through the window from inside our comfortable house where it's warm and dry. We see other dogs and their owners out there getting blown by the winter wind or getting soaked by rain. They don't look like they are having fun at all!

That's why I'm so glad that my dogs went through indoor puppy house training early on with the dog litter box. This advantage can also be for you and your dog if you also choose to utilize this method. My specialized dog website was created just to help other owners and their dogs do away with bad weather walks forever.


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